3 Things to Look for In a Sunscreen

sunscreenWith summer in full swing, you are likely heading to either the beach or pool to spend some of your days baking in the sun. And although you likely know to reach for the sunscreen before you start laying in the sun or playing in the water, do you know what kinds of things you should be looking for in a sunscreen? With so many options available on the market, it can be hard to decipher from one another. Read on to learn more about three of the things you should look for when shopping for a sunscreen.

  1. Water and Sweat Resistant

When a sunscreen claims to be completely waterproof or sweatproof, don’t believe the hype. However, when shopping for a sunscreen, look for a sunscreen that is either water or sweat resistant. What does it mean exactly? These types of sunscreens help to add an additional barrier between your skin and the sun for typically over an hour’s time, after which you will need to reapply it.

  1. Titanium Dioxide

One of the key ingredients to look for when shopping for a sunscreen is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide helps to coat the skin and provide sun protection without harming the actual skin cells themselves. Because titanium dioxide actually sits on the skin and isn’t absorbed by it, the coating process help to enhance sun protection and provide you with an extra layer of defense.

  1. Moisturizing

Another thing to look for when scoping out different sunscreens is its ability to moisturize your skin while protecting it from the sun. Because your skin can dry out because of the sun, having an extra amount of moisturizer will help to ensure that your skin stays intact. When shopping for a sunscreen for your face, you will most likely find that if you buy a moisturizer with sunscreen in it that will be the best option available to you.

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