3 Treatments to Try In 2019 For Clearer Skin

Acne Treatment | PhoenixA new year means that you get a new start; especially when it comes to having clearer skin. If you are prone to acne breakouts, then you may be wondering how you can get rid of it. Here at Dr. Toni Stockton’s office, we have a variety of different solutions for you to consider using and getting done this year.

Try Accutane

If you have severe acne or really bad oil induced acne, then Dr. Stockton may talk to you about a prescription medication called accutane. Accutane is typically used for nodular acne that isn’t responsive to other treatments like clindamycin or benzoyl peroxide. Accutane works by decreasing the production of oil on the face which is typically responsible for severe acne.


Cryotherapy can be used for a variety of different things like cystic acne. By using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, cryosurgery works to prevent blood flow to your acne, eliminate the upper layer of skin, and help get rid of whiteheads and acne with it. The great thing about cryotherapy is that it ultimately helps you to get rid of clogged pores that are leading to your breakouts.


Another thing that Dr. Stockton may recommend is antibiotics. If your acne is caused by bacteria and it is consistently spreading across your face, then an antibiotic may be the perfect solution for you to get rid of it.

It can be hard on your self esteem and your skin to always be fighting your acne. To get to the root of your acne problems and learn how to really treat it, contact Dr. Stockton at our Phoenix office and call us at (480) 610-6366.

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