3 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

Acne | Phoenix, AZYou want polka dots on your shirt and maybe even on a furry friend, but the last thing you want is to look in the mirror and have so many blackheads on your nose that they look like polka dots. So, other than hoping and wishing that they will magically disappear, let’s take a closer look at three ways for you to get rid of your blackheads.



If you really want to get rid of your blackheads, you can have them either professionally extracted or you can push them out yourself. The only problem with trying to do it yourself is that if you’re not careful you can get scarring or cause some serious damage to your skin. However, when you come into our office, we can extract some blackheads for you to help clear them up and get your skin on the right track moving forward. In conjunction with one of our facials, we can really clear your skin up.


Sometimes there are too many blackheads caught on your nose or in your T-zone that it can be hard to get rid of them all. One easy trick? Using a face scrub with ingredients like salicylic acid in them. The combination of the exfoliants combined with these ingredients can help you get rid of those blackheads and start seeing clearer skin in the process.

Take Acne Medication

Another thing that Dr. Stockton may recommend is that you take some acne medication or get on an acne skin care regimen. During your consultation appointment with Dr. Stockton, she will take a closer look at your blackheads and help pick the right treatment route for you.

If you want to learn more about how you can get rid of your blackheads, contact our Phoenix office today and call us at (480) 610-6366.

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