Age Spots

Age SpotsAs we age, we have to accept the fact that there are brown spots on our hands, face, and other exposed areas of the body. Because of our love of the sun we have exposed our skin to its rays causing those ugly spots with names like “age spots,” “liver spots,” and other lovely offerings to come to the surface. Whatever they are called you want them to go away.

So, you go to the store and spend money on creams and devices that guarantee to rid you of your brown spots. You use the products faithfully, but, alas, those darn brown spots are still there. Now what?

The next step you might consider is photo facial treatments. Photo facial treatments specifically target those pesky brown spots. The treatments are also very helpful in improving the overall appearance of the skin by eliminating redness, large pores, and many other imperfections that we acquire through the years.

Having a photo facial treatment is a very simple and safe process. A special machine emits light waves that penetrate the skin’s surface to improve its appearance and also stimulate collagen production.

There are two types of photo facial treatments. LED treatments are gentle, superficial treatments. IPL treatments emit a stronger light source, penetrate the skin more deeply, and can cause some discomfort.

Make an appointment with Dr. Stockton today to discuss your options. He will go over the treatments and explain the technology, recovery time (if there is any), and other aspects of the photo facial treatment.

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