Back to Basics: What Collagen Does For Your Skin

Collagen Induction Therapy Phoenix AZProtein shakes, protein pancakes, protein enriched diets. If there’s one thing to say about protein, it’s that it’s all around us— especially if you’re in the bodybuilding or weight loss world. If you follow a strict workout routine and diet plan, protein probably plays a big role in what you eat every day. However, did you know that protein does a lot more for your body than just build lean muscle?

The most abundant protein in the body is collagen which makes up one-third of the protein found in your body. Collagen helps to support your tendons, muscles, bones, and even your skin. But what exactly is this unique protein and why is it so important?

What Is Collagen?

As mentioned, collagen is a protein in the body that helps support your skin, tendons, muscles, and bones. As you age, however, your body stops producing as much collagen which can lead to things like sore joints, chronic pain, and fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

In the middle layer of the skin, collagen helps to form a network of cells called fibroblasts which new cells can grow on. Additionally, collagen also helps restore and replace dead skin cells— leaving people with smooth, youthful looking skin in the process. Even though you lose collagen as you age, patients around the age of 60 starts seeing an increased loss of collagen in their skin which can contribute to laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, and poor self-esteem.

As a normal part of the aging process, there is not much you can do to prevent a loss of collagen. However, here at Stockton Dermatology, we have a variety of options to help you temporarily get back some of the collagen in your skin.

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