Body Acne? How to Care for It

Tan GirlAcne is one of those skin disorders that many people suffer from all the way into their thirties. Caused by things like oil build-up and hormones, acne can really put a damper on your life and your appearance. And when it comes to things like body acne, it can be even more embarrassing to have pimples in places like your back, legs, and arms. If you suffer from body acne, read on to learn how to care for it.

  1. Look at What You Eat

You’ve heard it a million times and you’re about to hear it again, “You are what you eat.” If you eat a diet that is high in fats and oils, it can contribute to breakouts across your body. Notice that you’ve been breaking out more lately? Take an inventory of everything you’ve been eating. If burgers, fries, and pizza are hitting that list, they are probably helping to contribute to your sudden break-out. Try to eat a little cleaner and cut out those fatty and oil ridden foods— you’ll notice a difference in not only your skin, but in how you feel as well.

  1. Body Wash

Try using an acne body wash that contains salicylic acid in it. Salicylic acid is an ingredient used in acne medication to help dry up acne so that it goes away and won’t come back. Simply use the body wash on the areas of your body in which you are prone to more acne and keep using it for at least a couple of weeks. Remember that you will not see results overnight but that it takes time.

  1. Visit the Dermatologist

If you have severe body acne that you just can’t seem to get rid of, it’s time to visit a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will be able to give your body a full body scan in order to fully look into the cause and source of your acne. Plus, your dermatologist will also be able to prescribe you wither either oral or topical medications to help combat the acne and get you looking and feeling like yourself once again.

To learn more about acne care or to schedule an appointment with our dermatology office, contact us today!

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