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What is patch testing?

If you are allergic to something and it is causing you to have an itchy rash, you are probably miserable, and you may think you’ll just have to suffer and live with it. However, with patch testing and treatment from Stockton Dermatology, it can be determined what you are allergic to and how your allergies […]

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Allergies and Patch Testing

Ever wondered if you have an allergy? There’s a test for that! Yes, you can be tested right in our office to help determine what could be causing annoying symptoms from things you eat, breathe, or touch. Here are some of the basics about allergy patch testing and what you need to know. First things […]

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The Basics of Patch Testing

Having allergies— especially during this time of year— is not rare by any means. However, if you have been experiencing extreme itchiness, inflammation, redness, bumps, or any other skin conditions, then you may be suffering from a skin allergy. Here at Stockton Dermatology, Dr. Toni Stockton uses a procedure called patch testing to help diagnose […]

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