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What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels have actually been around for thousands of years in one form or another, but they really started to become popular in the past 30 years or so. And there is a good reason for their longevity and their popularity. Chemical peels are a quick, effective way to get rid of old skin and […]

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Dr. Toni Stockton on Diversity in Medicine

As a Black female physician, Dr. Toni Stockton has dedicated her career to shedding light on why diversity, equity, and inclusion matter in medicine. With over 30 years of experience in dermatology, Dr. Stockton’s uplifting spirit and endless drive to succeed have led to a thriving practice — Stockton Dermatology in Phoenix, Arizona — where […]

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Dr. Stockton on Hair Loss as Featured in Phoenix Mag

The latest pandemic-related plague: hair loss. As if juggling working from home, Zoom meetups, homeschooling, telehealth and virtual exercise classes in a global pandemic weren’t enough, now your hair is falling out. You’re not alone. Phoenix dermatologist Dr. Toni Stockton says she’s seen double the usual number of patients for hair loss over the past […]

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Treatment of hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation

Hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation concerns can develop on the facial area in both men and women. This skin discoloration can cause patients in the Phoenix, AZ area to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their condition. Common skin discoloration problems may include the following diagnoses: Melasma Age/sun spots Acne scarring Vitiligo Birthmarks When patients have been diagnosed […]

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How to Avoid Freckles

Having a few freckles on your nose is cute for a little bit, but once your freckles start to consume your face, they might not be nearly as attractive as they once were. If you feel like you’ve got a few too many freckles already this year and you keep on getting more, then we […]

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