Change of Seasons: How to Change Up Your Skin Care

fall skin care tipsWith summer dying down and fall creeping up just around the corner, you are likely starting to swap out your summer shorts for jeans, and your tank tops for sweaters. But your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that you need to change up when the seasons change— you need to change up your skin care routine as well. As the air gets a bit more crisp, you may notice that your skin deserves a bit more moisture and you may even be tempted to back off of that sunscreen a bit more. From what type of sunscreen you should be wearing to what type of moisturizing cream to look for, this article will discuss a few of the ways you can switch up your skin care routine this fall.

Fall is one of the hardest times of year to plan what kind of moisturizer you should be using. Although you may have been able to get away with just wearing a serum to moisturize your skin with during the summer, your skin may not quite be ready for a full on day cream until winter. When looking for a moisturizer this fall, look for just a simple face lotion such as Cetaphil. A face lotion like this doesn’t contain any sort of perfumes or fragrances, is designed for any skin type, and most importantly, it will give your skin the moisture it deserves without being overbearing.

Now that summer is dying down and you aren’t going to be lounging at the pool or beach a few times a week, you may think that you can pack your sunscreen away for good. However, you should still be wearing a sunscreen everyday. But because you likely won’t be exposing as much of your skin to the sun, you should only really need to wear a facial moisturizer that contains a sunscreen in it— that way you are still protecting your skin from sun damage but without having to lather up your entire body.

The fall season is a hard season to plan your skincare for, but by investing in a good, light weight moisturizer and sunscreen, you can give Give your skin the protection it deserves. To learn more about skin care, contact Dr. Toni Stockton today!

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