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Dermaplaning is a specialized skin care procedure performed by an Aesthetic Clinician or Physician utilizing a surgical blade to remove the outermost, accumulated layer of dead skin cells of the epidermis. Microplaning is a less invasive form of dermaplaning that can be more effective on a long-term basis for many skin conditions.

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Who is a good candidate for dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning at Stockton Dermatology is great for just about anyone. After all, who doesn’t want to get rid of the dead skin cells and peach fuzz on our face? This procedure works on all skin types and tones. The one exception is patients with deep cystic acne. If you have this type of acne, you simply need to wait until any breakouts are clear before having a dermaplaning session. Dermaplaning is also great for pregnant or nursing women who want exfoliation, but don’t want the harsh chemicals involved with a peel.

It’s such a simple, yet effective, treatment there really aren’t any restrictions.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and irregular pigment, as well as reduces thickened skin texture. Dermplaning improves the vitality and youthfulness of the skin.

  • Minimizes pore congestion – Minimizes acne scars
  • Brightens skin tone – Increases cellular turnover
  • Retextures thick skin -Eliminates vellus hair on the face
  • Reduces flakiness -Improved product penetration
  • Stimulates collagen -Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
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How Dermaplaning Works

Microplaning, a less invasive form of dermaplaning, is a full facial procedure that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishing/hydration of the skin. A mild chemical or enzyme, along with the blading of the skin, allows essential vitamins and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin. There is no residual peeling after microplaning. The skin is left with a soft, smooth, glowing appearance.

Dermaplaning, on the other hand, provides a more significant topical exfoliation with the incorporation of stronger acids and a cryo-therapy technique. The process of dermaplaning intensifies the dehydration process of the stratum corneum for a deeper peeling effect.

How long does a dermaplaning treatment take?

Dermaplaning takes just 30 minutes. You could combine it with a light chemical peel or a facial, and that would add maybe 15 minutes to your appointment.

Is there any downtime after a dermaplaning session?

No. Your skin will be slightly pink, and it will be sensitive to sun exposure. Your face may feel a little tight, and there may be some very minor flaking for a day or two. But you can put on some moisturizer and sunscreen and get right back to your normal activities immediately afterward.

How long after my dermaplaning will I see results?

At Stockton Dermatology, our patients love these treatments right before a big event. That’s because they give the skin a radiant glow. These results show just a day or so after your session. If you seek to keep helping your cell turnover by removing the outer cells from the epidermis, you could plan on a monthly dermaplaning treatment.

How long will my results last from dermaplaning?

These are permanent results; the skin cells removed are gone for good, as is the dirt and oils removed. The vellus hairs removed will come back. You may have heard that when vellus (peach fuzz) hairs are removed they can come back heavier and darker. That is not even remotely true. When these light, thin, tiny hairs come back, they will be the same texture and rate as they were prior to being scraped off with dermabrasion.

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The human skin cycle is 27 days for younger people (it lengthens as we get older), so any improvements in your skin will be fleeting because your skin is always transforming itself. These treatments are intended for rejuvenation that shows results for a few weeks.

What is the difference between dermaplaning and regular shaving?

It’s easy to think that dermaplaning and shaving are the same, so why not just borrow your husband’s or boyfriend’s razor and shave? The reality is, they are quite different. First off, dermaplaning is akin to shaving with a single blade rather than in the old barbershop way. This is in contrast to the five-blade shaving heads of modern razors. That’s because shaving is all about pulling the hairs up before cutting them, which makes for the longest results before five o’clock shadow returns.

Dermaplaning only uses a single surgical blade because the goal is to really remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil buildup on your skin and in the hair follicles. It provides better exfoliation because of the angle of the blade and because that’s really the goal. Shaving has the goal of removing hair. Yes, dermaplaning also seeks to remove hair — you’re fine vellus peach fuzz — but that just happens with the exfoliation.

Does dermaplaning hurt?

Actually, by running the blade lightly over the skin at a 45% angle, there is no pain whatsoever in our dermaplaning procedure. You won’t need any topical numbing cream or anything.

What are the side effects following dermaplaning?

These are completely risk-free treatments. There aren’t any side effects or downtime.

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“I absolutely love Stockton Dermatology! I am a new patient and my experience was wonderful. The staff is so nice and kind. I also, enjoyed Tara who took time to answer all my questions and concerns. I am looking forward to my new healthy skin and continuing to build rapport with this office! Thank you so much!” -Amber H.

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