Electro What? The Truth Behind Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix, AZLaser hair removal is one of the greatest inventions since, well, wax strips. However, even though laser hair removal is effective at helping give patients the hair-free and smooth complexion they want, it isn’t always effective— especially if you have light colored hair. That’s where electrolysis comes into play.

What Is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is ideal for treating patients who have gray, blonde, or vellus hairs. Rather than targeting the hair follicle from the surface level of the skin, electrolysis involves inserting a sterile, fine filament into the hair follicle. Once it is inserted, a current is emitted which then permanently destroys the hair follicle—- leaving you with the hair-free skin that’s unattainable through laser hair removal alone

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Just like with laser hair removal, some treatments that you need to get rid of your hair are dependent on the area being targeted and the type of hair you have. More often than not, patients need multiple electrolysis treatments to permanently get rid of their hair.

Does It Hurt?

Many patients say that electrolysis can be fairly painful depending on the area being targeted. To help you remain comfortable during your electrolysis procedure, Dr. Toni Stockton may give you a topical anesthetic. If you start to feel pain at any time during your procedure, tell Dr. Stockton, and she will ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible.

Is It Effective?

Electrolysis is popular amongst certain patients for one primary reason: it’s permanent. Finding out that you may not be a good candidate for laser hair removal can be discouraging. Additionally, if you are sick and tired of having to wax or tweeze your hair every few weeks, electrolysis will give you and your skin a break that you’ve needed.

Get rid of unwanted body hair on your terms with electrolysis. Schedule your electrolysis consultation with Dr. Toni Stockton at Stockton Dermatology today.

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