Embrace the Dark Side (When it Comes to Chocolates!) to Help Protect Your Skin

Although the health benefits of dark chocolate are well-publicized, it turns out that there’s another benefit that most of our clients here at our Phoenix dermatology practice may not be aware of. Chocolates, the dark ones to be specific, are actually chock full of flavonols (plant-based antioxidants) that have protective properties against ultraviolet radiation.

Early in 2009, a study found out that regular consumption of chocolate rich in flavonols has been shown to be effective in protecting human skin from harmful UV radiation. A similar study in 2006 also found out that women who consumed high-flavonoid hot cocoa had “15 percent less skin reddening from UV light after 6 weeks of cocoa consumption and 25 percent less after 12 weeks of the trial.” The women drinking the cocoa with low flavonoid content showed no change during the study period.

Combine Dark Chocolate Consumption with Sunscreen!

We suggest going for dark chocolates with at least 70 percent cocoa content and add in sunscreen with SPF 30 for optimum sun protection the next time you go outdoors! You do not have to entirely eat the whole chocolate bar, a block or two will certainly do the trick!

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