Facial Aging, Meet Fractora

Radio FrequencyAging skin is not something that can be avoided, as much as we may try. While you may practice excellent sun protection and may use the best products to nourish your skin, the internal changes that go on in your body will eventually appear in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and the loss of volume and elasticity. All is not doom and gloom in the land of beauty; your Phoenix dermatologist has innovative solutions that can reinstate the appearance of youth without invasive procedures.

Introducing Fractora

Fractional laser resurfacing is something that many people have heard of. Fractora is not a laser device. Instead of laser light, this system has been designed to improve the tone and texture of the skin using fractional radiofrequency.

Radiofrequency is a type of thermal energy that elicits a favorable response in tissue cells. Specifically, it prompts a proliferation of collagen to gradually rebuild the fibrous matrix that supports taut, smooth skin. Fractora takes the concept of collagen stimulation one step further. This system incorporates micro-needles that are similar to those used in acupuncture. These tiny fixtures maximize the delivery of radiofrequency because they are positioned at varying depths in the skin. As the hand piece passes over the skin, the deep tissues of the dermis are encouraged to contract. For this reason, an immediate improvement may be noticed. However, the further induction of collagen promotes progressive tightening over several weeks.

The benefit of Fractora treatment is that, like fractional resurfacing, only a portion of the skin is treated with micro-needles. Research has demonstrated the value of this technique in terms of expedited healing without compromising beautiful results. Fractora may be used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, and may tighten skin along the jaw line or on the upper or lower eyelids.

Modern technologies such as radiofrequency are making it easier than ever to rejuvenate your facial esthetic. Fractora requires no down time for recovery; you may even go right back to work after your short treatment session.

Facial rejuvenation may be more accessible than you ever imagined. To learn more about Fractora or our other anti-aging treatments, call (480) 610-6366.

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