Ho, Ho, Ho: How to Get Rid of Your Beard Problems for Good

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix, AZDuring this time of year, nothing is more fitting than walking around town with a beard as full as Santa’s himself. However, if you suffer from chronic razor burn, bumps, or skin irritation caused by growing out a beard, then this jolly idea may feel like more of a nuisance than anything.

One of the many procedures that Dr. Toni Stockton at Stockton Dermatology specializes in is laser hair removal. Although most people associate laser hair removal with females who want to never shave their legs again, laser hair removal is a procedure that has gained a lot of popularity amongst men as well— especially on their face.

Having a thick, full beard may seem like an easy task, but to some, it can be a lot more difficult. To have a beard that will make Santa Claus himself yell, “Ho, ho, ho,” in envy, you need to keep it trimmed and make sure that your neck is cleanly shaven as well. However, if you suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs, shaving your neck can become painful and leave you with a red rash that will put Rudolf’s nose to shame.

During laser hair removal, Dr. Toni Stockton can target each hair follicle which will stop hair from growing. After several sessions, many of our male patients get a smooth neck without any of the redness or bumps that they used to have to deal with.

Depending on your hair color and some other factors, Dr. Toni Stockton will determine whether or not she feels that laser hair removal will be the right option for you. If you would like to learn more about laser hair removal or to schedule your consultation appointment, contact our Phoenix office today!

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