How to Clear Up Summertime Acne

Summertime Acne Treatment Phoenix, AZHaving clear skin is something  worth bragging about, but if you find yourself on the opposite side of the fence, things can feel a little differently. To help you get rid of your acne this summer, we have a few tips for you to try.

Switch Up Your Skincare Based on the summer

As the weather gets warmer, the air gets drier, and the drier your skin gets, the more you might break out. As your skin’s’ natural defense against the dryness it will kick into overdrive and produce more oil. The results? More acne. Try to incorporate skincare products that are gentle and not too oily, but that will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated as well. If you want specific skin care recommendations, don’t be afraid to give us a call.

Consider Laser Summertime Acne Treatment

Laser acne treatment is ideal for patients who suffer from bacterial acne. By killing the bacteria on the face, the laser can really help to clear you up in no time. The only thing about laser is that it can make your skin hypersensitive to sun exposure which can cause burning. If you are planning on getting laser acne treatment done during the summer, make sure that you plan accordingly so that you aren’t spending too much time outside.

Wash Your Face After working out

Warmer weather means that you’ll be spending a lot more time outside working out. And although working out is right for your heart and your waistline, that excess sweat may not be so good for your acne. Make sure that you either use a cleansing towelette after the gym or that you wash your face to get rid of all of that sweat and bacteria.

Summertime acne can be a real self-esteem deflater. If you want to learn a little bit more about acne treatment or prevention, contact us at our Phoenix office today and give us a call at (480) 610-6366.

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