How to Combat Severe Acne Breakouts

Girl with AcneAlthough you may have thought that you kissed the days of braces, acne, and overall awkwardness goodbye in the tenth grade, think again. Acne affects millions of adults every day. In fact at least 50% of adult women in their twenties still suffer from acne and 35% of women in their thirties still get acne. If you’re like many adults and still suffer from the chronic onset of acne, then try these tips.


Change Your Pillowcase

When you think about it, your pillowcase is a house for germs. Not only does it contain dead skin that sloughs off while you’re sleeping, drool, and grease from your hair, but it is also home to thousands of microscopic germs. If you are suffering from a larger breakout than normal, try switching out your pillowcase twice a week. Yes, it might sound a little bit excessive but it will be totally worth it for the health of your skin.


Acne Wash

If you are still the kind of person who uses a body bar to wash your face, it’s time to rethink your skincare regimen. Acne face washes have a small amount of salicylic acid which is a leading ingredient to help fight off acne, leaving you with fewer amounts of breakouts and cleaner skin. Simply look for a gentle acne wash that you can use both morning and night on your skin, and follow a strict process for the next few weeks.


Spot Treatment

If you’re like most adults with acne, you’ll get one giant zit that sits in the middle of your forehead and resembles nothing short of a unicorn horn. In order to help combat those unsightly and obnoxious zits, try a spot treatment. Similar to acne wash, spot treatments typically contain a higher dose of salicylic acid, which will help to clear your pores out and rid you of those annoying zits. Just apply a small amount to the targeted area when you notice the arrival of a monstrous zit and let it absorb into the skin.


Although you might be rid of your awkward phase and braces, your acne is something that you just can’t leave in highschool. However, by following the above three tips, you can get one step closer to clear skin.


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