How to Deal With Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disorder that causes hyperpigmentation on your skin, making you look like you have red blotches around your face. Although problems with Rosacea are fairly small including itchiness, dryness, and redness, it can still be something that’s fairly annoying to live with. If you have Rosacea, there are several treatment options available to you, all of which should be assessed after you have an initial appointment with Dr. Toni Stockton.

RosaceaTopical Cream

Depending on the severity of your rosacea and what Dr. Toni Stockton has concluded, you might be prescribed a topical cream to help treat your rosacea. If this is the case, it’s important that you get on a set schedule when using your topical cream in order to ensure that you don’t miss a day and have to start all over again.

Prescription Medications

Sometimes prescription oral medications may be prescribed to patients with rosacea especially if there’s a chance that you may have a bacterial skin infection in addition to your rosacea. Just as mentioned above, make sure that you take your pills religiously until they are gone in order to ensure that the infection doesn’t come back.

Laser Treatments

Additionally, there are some laser treatments that Dr. Toni Stockton may recommend to help treat you and your rosacea. By targeting the pigmentation in your skin, lasers work to regenerate the skin cells and cause your skin to look smoother and more even in color once again. After multiple laser skin treatments, and with the proper skin care in between, you will notice a reduced appearance of your rosacea.

If your rosacea is making you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, don’t live with the nasty symptoms any longer. From topical cream to laser treatments, Dr. Toni Stockton will help to give you the best treatment possible in order to get rid of your rosacea. To learn more about rosacea or other dermatology treatments, contact our office today and one of our expert representatives will help you schedule an appointment.

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