Have a Pimple that Keeps Coming Back? How to Get Rid of It

PimpleNothing is quite as obnoxious as having a pimple, thinking you got rid of it, and then it comes back in the same spot a few weeks later. The good news about reoccurring pimples is that they aren’t that uncommon. The bad news about reoccurring pimples is that they require a little time, diagnosis, and treatment to get rid of them.

Why Do They Come Back?

Typically, patients who have pimples that come back in the same spot over and over again are suffering from an underlying problem with bacteria in the skin. When you have too much bacteria in one area, and you aren’t treating it,  you won’t ever fully get rid of the pimple.

How Can I Be Diagnosed?

The only real way for you to determine whether or not you suffer from some sort of issue is to come into our office for a one on one consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Stockton will take a closer look at your skin to see if there are any other signs of bacteria. Depending on your skin condition, she may also perform some tests to make sure that you don’t have an infection that is preventing your skin from healing.

How Can I Be Treated?

If you do have bacteria on your skin, then Dr. Stockton will typically prescribe you with some topical creams and a cleanser. Depending on the cause of the bacteria, she may also prescribe you with oral medication. Once we can get rid of the bacteria and get it under control, your pimples should clear up.

Having a pimple that comes back over and over again can feel like a real-life horror story. Rather than just hoping and wishing that your pimple will go away, let Dr. Stockton take a look at it for you. Contact our Phoenix office today to learn more about diagnosis and treatment. Call us at (480) 610-6366.

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