Introducing Stockton Dermatology’s new In Office Dispensary

Here’s why it’s good for your health

We can now provide your prescribed and over-the-counter medications on location. With this valuable expansion, Stockton Dermatology can offer you faster and more convenient services to receive your dermatology prescriptions by eliminating the need to fill prescriptions at other locations.

Our commitment to personal care, combined with our comfortable office setting, can allow us to provide one-on-one attention to better understand your needs. So while we focus on supporting your health, we can also work to maximize your insurance coverage and minimize your medication expenses.

Discover the benefits of our on site dispensary

  • Adds convenience
  • Improves your ability to stay on important medications
  • Provides one-stop shopping
  • Offers comfort and security
  • Features a caring staff you can Count on

Meet your Pharmacy Technician 

Devon Habetler, CPhT

The Arizona native is a certified Pharmacy Technician who has worked in a pharmacy setting for nearly seven years. In addition, Devon’s CPht designation indicates that he is nationally recognized by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Prior to joining the Stockton Dermatology team, Devon spent six years serving customers in the pharmacy of a national retail chain, where he was promoted to management for drug inventory.

Devon says he believes in treating patients as if they were family members, and he will always strive to make a difference in your day and your life.