Laser Procedures for Patients in the Phoenix, AZ Area

Laser TreatmentLaser procedures are preferred for the treatment of a variety of conditions, as well as for many cosmetic procedures. Lasers provide accuracy and the results that are expected after each procedure. Patients have certain expectations of each cosmetic procedure and medical treatment they receive, which is why laser procedures are a great option for each dermatology center.

Our laser services offered to residents in the Phoenix, AZ area are highly valued and have some of the best results in the area. Our team at the Stockton Dermatology has been servicing the Phoenix area for many years, providing the quality patients expect and deserve.

Hair Removal With Laser Services in the Phoenix Area

Some of the most common methods of hair removal that women in Phoenix use include:

  • Waxing of body hair
  • Shaving of body hair
  • Tweezing of body hair

Removing the unwanted hair of your body is possible with another method that proves to be very effective for a long period of time. Our laser procedure for hair removal provided in the Phoenix, AZ area has many benefits for each patient who contacts us. It succeeds in reducing hair significantly, and even stopping the growth of hair altogether.

Patients who use our laser procedure for hair removal can enjoy having smooth skin without having to use any other painful procedures.

Vein Reduction With Laser Procedures for Residents in the Phoenix Area

People with spider veins in their legs can use our vein reduction procedures to improve the look of their legs. Phoenix area patients who need vein reduction procedures are recommended to choose us because of the following reasons:

  • Our vein reduction services with lasers are very accurate
  • Our vein reduction services have some of the best results in the area
  • Our vein reduction services are performed by specialists with years of experience
  • Our vein reduction services are highly affordable for residents in the Phoenix area

Lasers used during the vein reduction procedure are very effective for many reasons. Lasers concentrate the light beams at a specific spot. The target of the laser beam is the hemoglobin in the spider veins of the legs, which is destroyed by heat.

The vein reduction procedure lasts only up to 20 minutes, but can be slightly painful. There is the no need to undergo more than 5 procedures in order to completely reduce the veins.

Excimer Laser Procedures for All Phoenix, AZ Area Residents

One of the latest options for people with psoriasis is the Excimer laser procedure. During the procedure, the laser is directly aimed at the patches caused by psoriasis.

Some of the benefits of using the Excimer laser procedure are the following:

  • The results with this procedure last months longer than all other methods
  • Excimer laser procedure is very accurate and there is no risk of UV radiation
  • Fewer sessions are required in order to receive the results

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