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Eskata for Seborrheic Keratosis Phoenix AZPatients who have been diagnosed with seborrheic keratosis may be embarrassed by the visibility of these skin growths. While they are not cancerous or medically concerning, they can cause patients to feel self-conscious when they are on visible areas of the body or face. While treatment is often not necessary, men and women often want a treatment that will resolve the problem. This is where Eskata can help!

What is Eskata?

Eskata is a special topical solution that uses hydrogen peroxide to help clear these troublesome lesions. It is the first FDA-approved treatment for raised seborrheic keratoses, and continues to be a viable option for patients in and around the community of Phoenix, AZ. Drs. Toni Stockton and John Shaff of Stockton Dermatology are pleased to help patients improve their condition with a reliable and safe solution. Eskata is a topical solution that is applied to the area during a single in-office visit. The solution is applied to the seborrheic keratosis four times, one minute apart. In most situations, patients will notice their lesion clearing within three weeks. There are times where further applications are required, especially for large lesions.

What can I expect after treatment?

While Eskata is working, patients may notice reactions to the treatment. This may include stinging, edema, crusting, and scaling. However, within approximately three weeks, most lesions will be completely cleared and patients will enjoy more beautiful skin and improved self-confidence!

Is Eskata safe?

The team of Stockton Dermatology only offer treatments that have been approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. Eskata has been approved by the FDA and continues to be a go-to solution for patients who are concerned about their seborrheic keratosis.

Call Stockton Dermatology to learn more about Eskata

If you are ready to discuss the benefits of Eskata for the treatment of seborrheic keratosis, we invite you to call our practice in Phoenix, AZ to learn more. Drs. Toni Stockton and John Shaff are available to assist individuals with their skincare needs, and can be reached by calling (480) 610-6366. Our office is conveniently located in Suite #100 at 16611 South 40th Street and is accepting new patients.

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