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Is an oral medication used to treat moderate to severe cystic acne. This is a 4-6 months course which requires an office visit and blood work monthly to continue.

There is a variety of different ways to treat acne scars. Subcision can be used to break up the scar tissue that has formed. We can also treat these scars with a laser called the Fractional 1540 and a new treatment called Micropen. Acne scars can also be treated with a number of different chemical peels and topical medications.

Acne cryo surgery is a non-invasive procedure that we use to help treat comedonal  acne. This procedure involves placing a large Q-tip in some Liquid Nitrogen then rubbing the desired area with the Q-tip. This procedure is also known as Liquid Nitrogen Therapy.  Some insurance may not cover this procedure.

There is a variety of different ways of treating acne. We offer a variety of lasers and light therapy treatments for our patients. The Solitone and BLU-U are two of our light therapy treatments that we offer. We also have the Isolaz Broadband Photo Therapy which helps to destroy the P-acne bacteria and extract debris from the skin. In conjunction with these treatments we can prescribe a variety of different topical and oral antibiotic as well as retinoid to help treat acne.

Age spots can occur anywhere on the skin and can be treated with several different procedures. We have the IPL which is a non-invasive procedure, a variety of chemical peels, and for a more invasive procedure we offer the Fractora. Topical medications including prescription strength and over the counter products can used as well. Insurances do not cover treatments for Age Spots.

Dark circles can be treated with some chemical peels and topical medications.

Dermoscopy is a fairly new technology that allows the provider to see morphological dimension of pigmented skin lesions. This technology allows the provider to see these cells which increases the effectiveness of making clinical diagnosis to differentiate between melanoma from other pigmented skin lesions.

We offer an updated version of the Foto Finder which allows us to take digital photos. This allows us to take photos prior to and after a procedure and then compare the results side by side. This updated version also has the ability to take full body mole mapping photos.

Excimer Laser offers our patients an effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin conditions.

Folliculitis is a group of superficial common skin infections of the hair follicle with can occur anywhere on the body where hair grows. Heat, sweat, and friction are some of the major causes of Folliculitis. This can be treated with topical medication and proper shaving technic can help keep this condition under control.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing can give you optimum results and minimal downtime, all while paying only a fraction of the cost.

Hyperpigmentation can be treated with the Fractora Laser as well as chemical peels and topical medications.

Depending on what is causing the loss of pigment; there are certain topical medications that can be used to treat Hypopigmentation.

Moles can be surgically removed in various different ways depending on the type of mole and the location.

Photodynamic Therapy is a special light that destroys mild to moderate acne bacteria in the skin. This treatment can be used to treat pre-cancer lesions if used with a topical medication called Levulan.

If you want to treat brown spots, remove broken capillaries, or boost your skin’s collagen, then a Photo Facial treatment is perfect for you.

Is a skin condition in which a person’s body over produces the skin cells which cause a thick layering of  cells otherwise known as plaques on the body. This condition can be treated by using topical medications, light therapy just as UVA and UVB treatments, as wells as some lasers.

There is a large number of different types of a rash that people can get. Atopic Dermatitis is also known as Eczema and can be treated with using prescription strength medications and can be a chronic condition that can flare off and on. Contact Dermatitis is another rash that someone can get when they come in contact with something that they are allergic to. Our office offers several different Patch testing tests from Dormer and T.R.U.E test to help determine what allergen the patient is allergic too. We also have a program that can tell the patient what products they are safe to use that do not have those allergens in them. This makes it very easy and convenient for patients to know which products that they can purchase without having to worry about having a reaction.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that caused facial redness, acne-like pimples, small blood vessels on the face, swelling and/or watery, irritated eyes. Can be treated with topical medications and the redness can even be treated with some lasers. There is no cure for this condition.

Scars can be treated surgically, injected with Kenalog or even treated with a laser depending on the type of scar. There are some topical medications that can be used to minimize the appearance of the scars as well.

Sclerotherapy can be treated by injecting the veins with a saline solution which helps to minimize the appearance. This procedure is only for spider veins and not the varicose veins. Insurances do not cover this procedure.

Skin Growth Examinations can help diagnose pre-skin cancer so you can get treatment before it develops into skin cancer.

Topical medication and chemical peels can be given to help with unwanted pigmentation.

Sun Damage spots can be treated with topical medications such as Picato and Efudex. We also offer the BLU-U with Levulan and IPL to treat these areas as well. Some insurance companies may not cover these procedures.

Also known as warts can be treated with topical medications, Liquid Nitrogen and some can even be surgically removed.

Is a skin condition where a patient’s own cells are fighting against to destroy the pigment cells in the body. This can be treated with some vitamins, some topical medications or even some lasers. There is no cure for this condition.

Medical Services in Phoenix

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