Melanage Peel – Is It Beneficial?

Melanage PeelUneven skin tone can make a person self-conscious. Melasma is the skin condition that is responsible for hyper-pigmentation of the skin, which causes the uneven skin tone. Sun exposure is the primary reason for this condition. However, other factors such as family history and hormone replacement therapy can make melasma worse.

There are a number of treatments available for treating melasma, but most of them have only a temporary effect. A Melanage Peel is one of the most effective and safe treatment options for treating melasma.

At Stockton Dermatology, the Melanage Peel involves two steps. The first step is in our offices, where the Melanage masque is applied to the desired area. Patients go home and leave the masque on for five to 10 hours. From there, a home regimen will finish the procedure. Three days after your masque, your skin will peel, with additional light peeling following over the next 30 days. Unwanted pigments are pulled to the surface, where they are exfoliated to reveal fresher skin underneath.

Uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation can be really bothersome. If you want to resolve these skin issues quickly and effectively then come to our clinic and have the Melanage Peel treatment.

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