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treatment for rashes phoenix arizona Is your skin irritated or red? Do you have a rash and you don’t know what it is or where it’s from? Dr. Toni Stockton in of Stockton Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ specializes in rashes and rash treatment.

If you’re unsure what your rash is and if it’s serious, the following information can be useful in diagnosing your skin problem. Contact Stockton Dermatology today to schedule an appointment.

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Hives vs Shingles

Hives and shingles are two rashes that often get mixed up with an untrained eye. Both hives and shingles are painful, look like red dots or blisters on the skin, and appear across the core of the body. The differences are that hives are usually connected with allergies, but also appear as a reaction to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and certain kinds of infections. Shingles, on the other hand, is spread by a virus.

So how can you tell which is which?

While shingles can appear anywhere on the body, the blisters are usually limited to your torso or buttocks. Hives tend to appear across your whole body. Also, hives usually are itchier than they are painful, whereas shingles range from producing a painful, burning sensation to a numbing one.

Eczema vs Psoriasis

Another commonly mistaken pair of rashes is eczema and psoriasis. This is because they are both very dry and itchy rashes. They look like patches of red and white broken skin, and they usually appear in the crooks and folds of the skin like in the elbows and knees, although they can both appear anywhere.

Psoriasis is a genetic issue that is assumed to be hereditary. Eczema is often caused by allergies, moving to a radically different climate, or certain illnesses. More severe cases of psoriasis are easier to distinguish, as they look like someone took a patch of skin and put red or white fish scales over it. Eczema also tends to look like this but is often accompanied by tiny pustules that release water when broken.

Chances are good that if your rash is oozing or bleeds, it’s probably eczema, whereas if it’s just super dry and itchy, it’s psoriasis.

Chicken Pox vs Impetigo

Chickenpox is a nuisance that most people have to endure at least once in their lives. A similar disease, impetigo, can be easily mistaken for chicken pox as both chicken pox and impetigo are itchy and look like blisters all over the body.

The biggest difference between impetigo and chicken pox is the color of the liquid in the blister. Chickenpox tends to have clear liquid, while impetigo’s liquid is more likely to be yellowish. And while impetigo appears to be all across the body, it usually is just across the face, arms and legs.

All of these rashes can develop into more serious issues if not treated correctly. Home remedies can also do more harm than good, especially if misdiagnosed. If you can, it’s best to have a dermatologist evaluate your rashes so that you can get the best and most effective treatment right away.

Consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Stockton in Phoenix, AZ to get the best treatment for your rashes! You can call us at (480) 610-6366 or fill out this contact form. We look forward to your visit!


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