Photo Facial Treatment Phoenix, AZ

What is a Photo Facial?

Photo Facial PhoenixClinically, a photo facial is the term used to describe a procedure that uses light technology for skin treatments.  Photo facial is among one of our most popular services for our patients in Phoenix, AZ at Stockton Dermatology.  This treatment has a variety of uses but it is our top choice in treating brown spots, removing broken capillaries, and boosting the skin’s collagen.

This procedure also provides a quick fix when you want to get rid of ruddy cheeks and you want to shrink your pores to get ready for an important event.  Photo facials are also considered preventive measures for possible skin cancers because they effectively remove sun spots to eliminate the possibility that they will later develop into skin cancer.  Photo facials are completed with a number of sessions depending on the severity of the patient’s skin condition.  But even after the first treatment, patients will see a distinct difference in the appearance of their skin.

What are the types of Photo Facials?

There are two kinds of technology that we use for photo facial treatments here at Stockton Dermatology.  The 2 types are very different from each other and we provide all the information to our patients during consultation so that they can consider this when deciding on the results that they want to achieve after the treatment.  It is important to remember that photo facials works best with a good skin care routine that you can discuss with your doctor.  Photo facials are categorized into LED photo facials and IPL photo facials:

  • LED photo facials – this is a very gentle treatment that creates younger and plump looking skin by using a narrow light spectrum that boosts collagen production.  LED facials are also used to target bacteria which are the root cause of acne.  This type of treatment is painless, cool and there are no risks of burning.  On the average, the procedure consists of 6 treatments, with a 2 week interval in between treatments.  This is highly recommended for patients who want to treat acne or boost their collagen production.  If you are looking for a cheaper and gentler alternative to plastic surgery to rejuvenate your skin, then an LED photo facial is your best option.
  • IPL photo facials – IPL stands for intense pulsed light photo facials which works best for treating brown spots, spider veins, broken capillaries, and diffused facial redness.  IPL photo facials are not as gentle as LED photo facials but are definitely effective in treating skin conditions.  IPL photo facials work by introducing bright blasts of light at very intense energy levels using a hand held device.  The number of IPL photo facial treatments that a patient would need depends on the severity of the condition as well as the desired outcome.

Does a photo facial sound like the right treatment for you? Try it today in our Phoenix, AZ office! Call us to schedule an appointment.