Show off Your Legs During the Holidays, Varicose Vein Free!

Laser Vein Reduction Phoenix, AZChristmas in Phoenix may as well be Christmas under the sun, right? Not only can a warm Christmas make you feel like you’re missing out on all of the Christmas magic— queue the lack of snowfall— but it can also make you feel like you don’t need a winter wardrobe. And although not needing to wear extra layers like tights can be something to boast about, if you suffer from a condition like varicose veins, it can feel like a nightmare. Here at Stockton Dermatology, Dr. Toni Stockton offers patients the perfect way to get rid of varicose veins— or start to anyway— just in time for the holidays.

There are a variety of methods used to help patients find relief and get rid of varicose veins including making small lifestyle changes like losing weight to sclerotherapy to laser vein reduction. Although each one of these treatment options has its unique benefits, we are going to discuss the unique benefits of laser vein reduction in particular.

What Is Laser Vein Reduction?

One of the many benefits of laser vein reduction is that no incisions are required which means that you won’t have to worry about any lengthy recovery time. By using the 1064 YAG laser, Dr. Toni Stockton can target your varicose veins without causing damage to surrounding tissues in the process. Although laser itself can be somewhat painful, we use a combination of hot and cold to help reduce the pain. During your 15-20 minute treatment session, a burst of light will be sent into the skin which will cause the vein to fade slowly.

Depending on the size of your varicose veins, laser vein reduction may or may not be a suitable option for you. Schedule your consultation at our Phoenix office today to learn more about laser vein reduction.

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