3 Things About Skin Cancer Checks You May Not Know

Skin CancerSummertime can make the living easy, but while you’re eating snow cones and laying out in the sun, summertime can also bring skin cancer with it. As the leading cause, sun exposure is something that Dr. Stockton always like to talk to patients about. One of the best things you can do is to catch it early on by doing regular checks. Let’s take a closer look at a few things about skin cancer checks that you may not know.

You Have to Do Skin Cancer Checks

Doing a cancer check once a year may be enough to pat yourself on the back over, but you should be doing them at least every month. Try to get into the habit of setting the alarm on your phone to remind you to do a check of our entire body every month. During your examination, look for changes in the skin such as abnormal moles, bumps, or anything else that is new.

You need to Check Your Scalp

Imagine how much sun exposure your scalp gets throughout the year. Your scalp is one of the parts on the body that gets the least amount of attention during a skin cancer check, but it gets some of the most sun exposure. Have your significant other or best friend check your scalp for strange abnormalities or moles about every month.

Touch Says a Lot

You may think that your vision is the best way for you to detect skin cancer and you may be half right, but your touch goes a long way in detecting it as well. When you’re checking your skin, don’t just look at it, but rub your hand across it. Do you feel anything bumpy? Oftentimes, skin cancer can manifest itself as an uneven mole that’s easier to feel than it is to see.

Our motto? Regular skin cancer checks are a must. If you want to schedule your professional skin cancer check, contact our Phoenix office at (480) 610-6366.

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