Skin Lesions Getting You Down? How LamProbe Can Help

Lamprobe – Benign Lesion Destruction Phoenix, AZ | Skin LesionsNo matter how much you baby your skin, it’s, unfortunately, going to start to show certain signs of aging. And although you don’t have control over how your skin ages, you co have control over how it looks during the process. If you have started to experience certain skin lesions such as skin tags, cherry angiomas, fibromas, milia, broken capillaries, spider nevi, or cholesterol deposits, then you may be wondering where you even start with the treatment process. One solution that Dr. Toni Stockton may recommend is called The LamProbe Treatment.

What’s the LamProbe Treatment and how does it help Skin Lesions?

The LamProbe treatment uses a combination of radio wave and high-frequency technology to selectively heat up the skin to help change the vessel color or actually shrink the lesion. And because the heat that is used in the LamProbe treatment is targeted, there is minimal damage or reaction to the surrounding skin— something that a lot of other treatments are unable to achieve.

How Is It Different Than Other Treatments?

As previously mentioned, one of the things that set LamProbe apart from other similar skin treatments is that it doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. Additionally, LamProbe is also very popular amongst patients because it’s non-invasive so there isn’t any sort of recovery time, there aren’t any anesthetics required which means that it’s virtually pain-free, and results are immediate.

How Do I Get Started?

Similar to most treatments that Dr. Toni Stockton offers at Stockton Dermatology, we recommend that patients come into our office for an initial consultation beforehand. During your consultation, we will be able to determine better what error not you are a suitable candidate for LamProbe. If you are, we will schedule your first appointment.

Do you have skin lesions that are making you uncomfortable, worried, or self-conscious? Schedule a LamProbe treatment consultation at our Phoenix office today. Call us now at (480) 610-6366.

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