Smile for the Camera: Learning About Photo Facials

girl-green-dressAs one of the most popular ways to get smoother looking skin and get rid of things such as acne scars and sun damage, photo facials have patients everywhere wanting to come back for more. If you are concerned with enlarged pores, sun damage, acne scars, or just the unevenness of your skin tone, then it might be time to consider getting a photo facial.

There are two types of photofacials: LED photo facials and IPL photo facials. Each type of facial comes with its own unique benefits and it’s up to you and your dermatologist to decide which type will give you optimum results.

LED Photo Facial

By using a narrow light spectrum, LED photo facials work to boost collagen production throughout the face. As the ideal solution for patients who either want to help get rid of the appearance of acne scars or simply boost the amount of collagen in their face, LED solutions can get you the results you want. Plus, LED photo facials are pain-free. It is typically recommended that patients undergo around six treatments with two weeks in between each treatment in order to receive the best results possible.

IPL Photo Facial

Intense pulsed light facials or IPL facials, use a small light treatment in order to target your skin and give you noticeable results. IPL photo facials are ideal for treating sun spots, facial redness, spider veins, and even broken capillaries. Depending on the severity of your skin condition, will be the determining factor for how many treatments you should undergo.

As a virtually pain-free process, these two types of photo facials are ideal at giving you the results that you long to see. Whether you suffer from sun damage or simply just want to have a tighter, smoother, looking complexion, it might be time to consider getting a photo facial. With these two options and with the care of a certified dermatologist, you can show off your fresh new skin in no time!

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