How to Spot Abnormal Freckles

skin cancer “It’s half past a freckle and a quarter to a hair,” is a saying that you may have used as a kid or one that you still may use today with your children. And if you have exceptionally fair skin, you may have more freckles on your body than there are minutes in an hour. Even though freckles can add character to your skin, they can also be signs of sun damage. So how can you tell if your freckles are something to be worried about? Read on to learn more.

They Are Growing

One of the best ways to catch pre-cancer early on is to be in tune with your skin and your body. By knowing what is normal and what is abnormal, you can detect symptoms early on. Take a look at all of the freckles on your face and body. Have you noticed that any of them are growing? Do you have any that are larger than a pencil eraser? If so, come into Dr. Toni Stockton at Stockton Dermatology to have them evaluated. Even though it may be nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

They Are Bothering You

If you have had freckles for your entire life, you know that they aren’t painful or uncomfortable. If, however, you have noticed that they are itchy or sensitive to the touch, this may be an indication that something is wrong. Try to remember if you have recently done anything to irritate your skin. If not, then schedule an appointment to see Dr. Stockton.

They Are Changing Colors

Just because you have a black freckle, it doesn’t mean that it is cancerous. If, however, you have noticed a few of your freckles changing color, then this is something to keep an eye on. When it comes to cancerous moles and freckles, one of the biggest indicators of a problem is a change in color. Typically and as a rule of thumb, a cancerous freckle will be several colors.

Freckles can show where you’ve been and tell your life story. And although they are considered to be a beautiful flaw, they can also be indicative of skin cancer. By watching out for the above symptoms, you can help catch any form of skin cancer early on. To learn more about skin cancer or other issues, contact Dr. Toni Stockton at Stockton Dermatology today!

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