Spring Break Alert: How to Prevent Even More Sunspots While At the Beach

Skin Care, Phoenix, AZ If you’re getting ready to ditch the Arizona sun and head to the beach for spring break, then the last thing that you want is to come home with a face full of new sunspots and freckles. Before you head somewhere tropical, Dr. Toni Stockton has created a few things for you to do so that you don’t come back with some serious sun damage.

Watch What Skin Products You Use

If you are on retinol or another anti-aging cream that has retinol in it, you may not know it but it can actually make your skin extra sensitive to burning and sun damage. Because it takes your skin a little bit of time to get adjusted to retinol, we don’t recommend that you go off of it, but we also don’t recommend that you sit in the sun. Instead, if you are on retinol, try to either limit sun exposure or cover up with a large brimmed hat and a bunch of sunscreens.

Wear a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

“Not all sunscreens are created equal.” Repeat that in your sleep. When you’re shopping for a sunscreen to wear to the beach, make sure that you choose a broad spectrum sunscreen which will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays which means that it will give you even more coverage.

Wear a Large Brimmed Hat

Yes, you may prefer a baseball hat to other hats, but baseball hats will only protect you from certain angles which means that you are more likely to get sunspots on your cheeks. To help shield your entire face and decollete from sun spots and other types of sun damage, invest in a large brimmed hat that has a lot of coverage; that way, you get all of the coverage you need.

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