Summertime is the Right Time for Body Breakouts. How to Prevent Body Acne This Summer.

acne treatmentAcne is a prevalent problem amongst teens and adults today. Most often, we consider how acne affects self-confidence due to its appearance on the face. However, people who are acne-prone may feel a certain sense of dread as warm weather approaches. Body acne is no laughing matter. If you know you’re prone to body acne, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve to minimize your risks.

Causes of Body Acne can be Managed

It is tempting to believe that body acne is merely the result of humid, hot weather. However, many of the cases of body acne that we see are related to underlying factors like bacteria, genetics, and hormones. Because there is no singular cause a body acne, there is also no single solution. There are, however, numerous ways that you can care for skin that is more vulnerable to breakouts.

Body acne is most often seen on areas such as the shoulders, back, and chest. This is because there are numerable oil glands on these body parts, just like on the face. Additional factors that can trigger body acne that are not found on the face include excess sweat, and the friction between moist skin and clothing.

Saving your Skin

  • Minimize friction between your skin and clothing by wearing breathable, light fabrics.
  • Minimize the presence of bacteria and sweat by showering promptly after exercise or time in the humid weather, or even before you hit the gym.
  • Avoid applying thick lotions during warm weather months.
  • Trade your normal body wash for an acne skin product that contains benzoyl peroxide and or salicylic acid.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply acne creams made for the face on your body.
  • Do not wait for body acne to cause scarring or emotional distress. Professional treatments and prescription medications can help you resolve this issue quickly.

Get ahead in the game

The best way to feel great about your skin is to minimize, or completely prevent, body acne. We are here to help you maintain healthy, gorgeous skin. Contact Stockton Dermatology for the care your acne-prone skin needs.

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