Sweating a Lot? Don’t Sweat It, We Can Help

Do you notice yourself sweating all the time? Maybe more than your other friends or family? Excessive sweating can feel embarrassing and socially isolating. Luckily, there are a variety of treatment options available to those with hyperhidrosis, depending on the area or areas that experience excessive sweating.

Home remedies to try

If you think you have hyperhidrosis, you may want to try some of these at-home remedies or lifestyle changes to see if the issue improves. These suggestions may help you cope with excessive sweating:

  • Make sure your deodorant is also an antiperspirant. Nonprescription antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds that have been found to temporarily block sweat pores.
  • Try using astringents. Applying over-the-counter products containing tannic acid to the affected areas may help.
  • Bathe daily. Bathing regularly helps to keep bacteria on your skin under control.
  • Opt for shoes and socks that are made of natural materials. Shoes and socks made of natural materials allow your feet to breathe better. Also, consider moisture-wicking socks when being active.
  • Clothing, in general, should be made from natural materials.
  • Change your socks often. Change socks once or twice a day and dry your feet thoroughly each time. Over-the-counter foot powders can also help absorb sweat.
  • Air your feet out by going barefoot when you can.
  • Try relaxation techniques. Many times sweating is a reaction to stress so meditation or yoga may help the cause of the problem.

Treatment options

Treatment varies from person to person. One treatment option may work for you but not for others. You may also benefit from multiple treatments used together. If some of the at-home remedies aren’t quite cutting it, you may want to try prescriptions or more aggressive treatment options. Prescription antiperspirants, prescription creams, nerve-blockers, antidepressants, and even Botox injections may be suggested. It may take a while to find the right combination but there are several options. Another option that we recommend at our office for underarm sweating is QBREXZA. QBREXZA is a topical prescription medication used to treat excessive underarm sweating. This medication is a little different in that it is a cloth that you rub under your arms to help curb sweating.

If you think you may have hyperhidrosis or you’ve been previously diagnosed and are looking for different treatment options, schedule a consultation with us today. Call our office at (480) 610-6366.

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