How to Tell If Your Mole is Cancerous and How to Get Rid of It

skin cancerIf you have a mole that is changing in color, texture, or overall appearance, it might be time to contact Dr. Toni Stockton in order to have it looked at. By understanding certain things to look for and how you can get rid of your mole if it is in fact cancerous, you can be better informed. Read on to learn more!


Is it Cancerous?

A cancerous mole will stand out from all the other freckles or moles on your body. Symptoms of a cancerous mole include the following:

  • It is asymmetrical
  • It is changing size, shape, and color
  • It is red and inflamed
  • The edges are jagged

How Can You Get Rid of It?

After having your mole inspected by Dr. Toni Stockton at Stockton Dermatology, she will likely perform a biopsy on the mole itself during the removal process in order to determine whether or not it is in fact cancerous. Depending on the location of the mole, the size of it, and the texture, Dr. Toni Stockton will either scrape off the mole and cauterize it or remove the entire thing via laser.


Although the thought of having your mole scraped off with a knife might sound like something out of a horror movie, it is actually nothing to be scared about. In fact, the entire area surrounding the mole will be numbed with a numbing injection before hand so that you will not feel a thing. Once the mole is scraped off, Dr. Stockton will then cauterize the area in order to rid it of any cancerous tissue or cells that may still be present on your skin. Healing from this type of procedure is fairly pain free and shouldn’t take too long.


Typically used to remove moles that are flat and can’t easily be scraped off, lasers are an effective way of removing cancerous moles from your skin. During this laser procedure, a laser will heat up the mole on your skin and cause it to essentially burn and fall off within a few weeks. The best part about using a laser is that you are less likely to scar in comparison to scraping.

If you would like to learn more about cancerous moles or if you would like to have your mole looked at by Dr. Toni Stockton, contact our office today!

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