‘Thanks so much to Dr. Stockton and all the staff! After 10 years and literally more than 100 visits and 2 melanomas, I’m still here to enjoy my 15 month old. See you next week for more biopsies – and maybe to try your new Signature skin care line.’

-Christy T.

‘My fondest memories of Stockton Dermatology, will always be how everyone in your office loves to see me, as though I’m their best friend popping in for a visit.Thanks for asking me to e-mail photos of trips to fun places.I’ll never forget how encouraging you all were, EVERY DAY, when I was part of your test study group back in Dec 2008. Wow, that was two years ago!

Everyone there is like an extended family, and it’s been fun to get to know everyone,
from the days of the old office (back at Banner Desert) into the fabulous place you have now.

PLUS, since my husband & I relocated to Hawaii (from Phoenix), your staff will bend over
backwards to accommodate either of us, if our flight dates (from Hawaii to Phoenix) change,
creating a need to reschedule an appointment.

Yes, I know it’s really more than one memory but you all are the BEST!!!!
That’s why we will ALWAYS ALWAYS fly from Hawaii to see YOU!!!!!’

-Patti H.

‘I believe in Dr. Stockton and have put my trust and my life in her hands with my skin cancer! She is EXTRAORDINARY and I know her skin care line is the same!! Everything she does is with integrity, honor, and commitment to her patients. I sing her praises and everyone at her office to anyone who will listen and will continue sending referrals to her. Just do me a favor, and take that liquid nitrogen “zapper” from her. (just kidding-it is awesome).’

-Chris S.

‘I have been going to Stockton Dermatology for several years and I give them a Rating of 10. The staff is awesome and professional plus having a top notch Physician, PA’s, RN’s and Anestesiologists is a requirement. Living in Arizona for …30+ years is very damaging to your skin so it’s a necessity to have regular check ups with the Dermatologist. It is important to me to keep my skin in good condition by using quality products especially at 58 years old. I like being told I’m a young Grandmother! Thanks for all of the wonderful services you provide.’

-Susan G.

‘After I had been using the Obagi Nu-Derm skin care line for about six months, I told my girlfriends that I had discovered this great product and really liked how it made my skin feel and look. However, I was concerned that maybe it wasn’t noticeable because no one had said anything about seeing a difference.

One of my friends responded immediately, “Oh, we noticed. Trust me, we definitely noticed.” And the next words out of her mouth bring a smile to my face and a little chuckle every time I think about it. She added, “But how do you ask your best friend if she sold her soul to the devil?”

Well, I’m thankful to say that I didn’t need to sell my soul for a great complexion. I just had to start using Obagi. No one has guessed my right age yet (I’m 48 and get guesses of mid-30s to early 40s). Can’t beat that!

THANKS for everything!’

-Renee L.