The Secret Behind Permanent Makeup

Hair BlowingIn an ideal world, we would wake up with or skin and hair looking flawless, we would sweat less at the gym, and well, we would be paparazzi ready any time of the day. However, because we live in the real world that is sometimes a little less than ideal, it requires a lot more work and effort to always look good. However, with innovations like permanent makeup, you can get a little bit of the ideal that you’re looking for, every day.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo makeup that is used to enhance and perfect certain portions of your face such as your eyebrows and eyes. By using a very thin tattoo gun, your doctor will be able to help accentuate your features, without you ever having to worry about applying makeup to those areas again.


With thick eyebrows like model Cara Delevingne taking over the runways everywhere, it can seem like a full time job to have to pencil in your eyebrows everyday. However, with permanent makeup, you can have the perfect shape, and color of eyebrows everyday for the rest of your life. By applying the tattoo under your existing eyebrow hair, the permanent makeup won’t replace our natural eyebrows but will just fill them in instead. Kiss your eyebrow pencil goodbye with this wonderful innovation!


Eyeliner is the perfect way to make your eyes stand out and make you look completely ready for a night out in just a matter of seconds. With permanent makeup, you can have permanent eyeliner tattooed on your eyes, making you look ready for any occasion at any time of the day or night. Simply discuss with your medical aesthetician or dermatologist beforehand about how thick you want the eyeliner to be— if you want a more natural look, a thin line should work. However, if you want something a bit more dramatic, have them apply a thicker line.

If you are sick of applying makeup everyday, it might be time to consider permanent makeup. To learn more about permanent makeup, contact our office today!

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