Transition Your Skincare Routine Into Fall

Tips and Tricks For Your Best Skin This Season

Cosmetic Dermatology PhoenixFall is here! Although it may not seem like our weather changes as dramatically here as it does in other states, it’s still important to be switching up your skincare routine with the seasons. Why? Different seasons mean different needs.

Always Wear Sunscreen

This is the single most important suggestion we can give you! As you know, sunscreen isn’t only for summer, make sure you’re still wearing the SPF in the fall, and all year long. Sunscreen not only keeps your skin looking younger and healthier but it helps to lower your chance of developing skin cancer. Make sure you’re wearing at least SPF 30, but also note that anything over SPF 50 does not provide additional coverage.

Cut Back on Exfoliating

Our dry climate may make it tempting to exfoliate when your skin gets dry, but it’s best to limit exfoliation. It’s easy to overdo it and over-exfoliate your skin, making it hard for it to heal. We also don’t recommend using a physical exfoliant on your face. If you’re using a harsh scrub containing beads or nutshells, consider switching to a chemical exfoliant to avoid microtears.

Get a Good Eye Cream and Lip Balm

If eye cream and lip balm aren’t already part of your regular skincare routine, now is a great time to add them in. These products help keep sensitive areas of skin well hydrated and looking and feeling healthy.

Hydration is Key

Drink lots of water! Just because the hot temperatures have calmed down, doesn’t mean you can stop drinking water. Another tip to keeping your skin well hydrated is to shortening your showers and use cooler water.

Put a Mask On

One simple way to wake up to hydrated, glowing skin is to wear an overnight mask. Your skin does most of its regeneration overnight, so take advantage of that by wearing a mask to sleep. This simple addition can make a big difference in the long run.

Looking for more personalized tips and tricks for your skincare regimen? Call Dr. Stockton today to set up a consultation (480) 610-6366. We’d love to discuss your skincare goals and treatment options.

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