Effective treatment options for acne and acne scarring

acne treatmentDr. Toni C. Stockton of Stockton Dermatology in Phoenix, AZ understands that acne and acne scarring can impact one’s self-esteem and confidence. With proper diagnosis and treatment with a dermatologist, many teenagers and adults are capable of finding a way to overcome their condition and improve the texture and tone of their face. Both acne and acne scarring are concerns that can be diagnosed and treated in our practice.

Understanding scarring

Active acne can result in breakouts that typically impact the face but can also develop elsewhere on the body. There are various types of acne, and each one is treated with different modalities. Additionally, if patients have had severe cases of acne in the past, they may notice acne scarring on their face. Scarring can be rolling divots in the facial skin or may be deep single crevices called “ice pick scarring.” By getting a proper diagnosis, patients can work with their dermatologist to find effective treatment.

Treatment options

Treatments for acne will different from treatments for acne scarring. Acne itself, in the active phase, can be treated with prescription strength medications (topical and oral), antibiotics, light therapies, laser therapies, and chemical peels. Acne scarring, on the other hand, is treated with dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, and laser skin rejuvenation treatments. The one best for an individual is based on their type of acne, the severity of their scarring, and the skin’s reaction to treatment.

Why do I still have acne as an adult?

When people think of acne, they often equate it to teenagers and young adults who are dealing with hormonal influxes during puberty. However, some patients struggle with acne into their adulthood. Patients of all ages who want to improve their acne and acne scarring are welcome to visit Stockton Dermatology for solutions.

Learn more about effective treatments for acne at Stockton Dermatology

Phoenix, AZ patients are welcome to book a consultation visit with Dr. Toni C. Stockton to discuss effective treatment options for both active acne and acne scarring. Our practice is located at 16611 South 40th Street, Ste. #100 and can be reached at (480) 610-6366.

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