Understanding Your Skin Care Type

skin careBefore you start on a skincare regimen or before you can properly decide what treatment options to get from Dr. Toni Stockton, you need to know what kind of skin type you have. From oily to dry, this article will discuss the three main types of skin that you may have. To learn more, read on.

Oily Skin
If you suffer from a lot of acne or things such as excess blackheads or shine on your skin, primarily on your t-zone, then you likely suffer from oily skin. Oily skin typically starts to reveal itself when you hit puberty but could last all the way into your 40’s and 50’s. As the best way to treat oily skin it’s important that you get started on a skincare regimen that is specifically designed to treat excess oil without drying your skin up too much.

Dry Skin
If you suffer from dry skin only in the winter or after a long day at the beach, then it’s probably not too big of a concern. However, if you suffer from dry, itchy skin all year long, then you need to switch up your skincare routine to something that will provide your skin with more moisture all around. For instance, look for both a cleanser and  a moisturizer that are rich in ingredients like paraffin and lanolin.

Normal Skin
If you would say that your skin type is pretty even— it’s not too dry or too ily— then you likely have a normal skin type. And because you don’t want to dry your skin out too much or cause a breakout, it’s important that you use the right skincare products for your skin type— primarily using things such as cleansers and moisturizers that are made for sensitive skin.

If you still aren’t sure what type of skin you have or if you would like to learn more about the treatments that Dr. Toni Stockton offers, contact our office today and one of our skin care representatives will gladly assist you.

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