What Are Melanage Peels?

Melanage Peel Phoenix, AZGet your glow on before summer starts with a melanage peel. Melanage peels are recommended for people with uneven skin tones and melasma or have issues with deep pigmentation. If these conditions are a concern for you, we highly recommend the Melanage Peel System that was designed to treat pigment conditions. This two-part treatment system will help to improve the appearance and texture of your skin using a medicated mask and regimen that you can maintain at home.

Melasma Treatment

The treatment itself is designed to pull out unwanted pigments to the outermost layers of your skin where it can then be exfoliated rejuvenating your skin for a fresh appearance. When it’s done properly, the Melanage system can even help to reduce the chances of discoloration returning after treatment. This treatment is especially popular in the Phoenix area because of the sun damage, many of us experience living in such a sunny climate.

Do Melanage Peels Hurt?

No! Melanage peels don’t hurt. This treatment has been proven to be effective for all skin types for both men and women with minimal discomfort. You may experience minor discomfort while the mask is being applied, a sensation very similar to getting a minor sunburn.

Are There Any Risks?

Like any medical procedure, we at Stockton Dermatology urge our patients to verify if the technician performing the procedure is properly trained and certified.  All cosmetic procedures have accompanied risks and to be able to ensure that these risks are minimized, we have to make sure that it is done only by a licensed practitioner.

Are There Side Effects To A Melanage Peel?

Using the Melanage peel has a few minor side effects.  These include redness and peeling of the skin, but the symptoms last for only about a week and mild peeling to up to a month while the treatment is ongoing.  It is common for patients to experience slight skin itchiness and irritation, but these symptoms will soon go away after a number of days.

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