What is patch testing?

If you are allergic to something and it is causing you to have an itchy rash, you are probably miserable, and you may think you’ll just have to suffer and live with it. However, with patch testing and treatment from Stockton Dermatology, it can be determined what you are allergic to and how your allergies can be helped. If it has been recommended that you get patch testing, you may be wondering what exactly it entails – here are 5+ things you should know about this procedure. 

5 things you should know about patch testing 

  1. Patch testing doesn’t involve needles. It is painless and only involves placing patches on your back or arm. These patches have substances in them that are common allergens, such as latex, hair dye, metals, medications, and even fragrances.
  2. You will have to wear these patches for 48 hours, after which time the patches are removed and it can be determined what you had an allergic reaction to.
  3. You should keep the testing area dry – avoid activities that may make you sweat and don’t take a shower or a bath. You should also avoid any twisting movements that may move or lift the test patches.
  4. Your dermatologist may ask you to bring along anything to the consultation that you think you might be allergic to, such as cosmetics and even clothing. It is possible that you are allergic to something that you have been using for many years, so bring along whatever you think you might be allergic to. He or she will also ask you about your medical history and any medications you are taking.
  5. Before, during, and after your patch testing is complete you should avoid direct sunlight exposure on your back.

Once the patches are removed, your doctor will be able to tell which substances triggered an allergic reaction, and treatment can begin. You don’t have to live with itchy skin and allergies – call Stockton Dermatology today for more information about patch testing and how it can help you to find relief. Call the office in Phoenix, AZ, at (480) 610-6366 today!

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