Winter Skin Restoration: What You Need to Know About the Melanage Peel

winter skin careIf you’re like most people, you spend your summers basking in the sun and your winter’s hiding away in your warm house. And, when your skin is no longer tanned, you will start to notice the damage that your skin received during those warm summer months— including uneven skin and sunspots. And although you can cover and conceal your skin with foundation and concealer, you can help restore your damaged skin with an easy non-invasive procedure from Stockton Dermatology called a Melanage Peel. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Melanage Peel?
Designed to treat uneven skin and skin conditions like melasma, the Melanage Peel System is a prescription-strength two-part skincare routine. In the first part of the treatment, patients will come into Dr. Toni Stockton’s office to get a prescription strength face mask applied across their face. Upon leaving Dr. Stockton’s office, the patient will be required to leave the mask on for an additional 5-10 hours. The second part of the process can be done at home. During this step, you will be required to stick to a strict Melanage Peel skin care routine.

What Is Recovery Like?
Just like any skin care regimen that treats pigmented skin, the Melanage Peel may cause redness, inflammation, and tenderness for a few days following treatment. To help deal with this kind of discomfort, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication like Tylenol. Additionally, because your skin will be extra sensitive to the elements afterward, Dr. Toni Stockton encourages patients to avoid any direct contact with the sun because your skin is more likely to burn.

What Are Results Like?
Depending on your skin type and just how bad your melasma is, you may need to undergo a few treatments until you start to see real results. However, some patients see lightened sunspots and a more even complexion after just one treatment.

The winter is the best time to help restore your skin following a rough summer in the sun. If you would like to learn more about the Melanage Peel and other skin care treatments, contact Dr. Toni Stockton today.

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